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Varsity; Smash bitches, be smashed bitches!

Varsity; Smash bitches!

Varsity was on Wednesday, 9th October and we absolutely smashed it! (Well women’s rugby team and a couple others did). We played against York St John and the women’s rugby team won with the score 25-12 Wooooooo!!!                 The women’s football team also won with 9-1 ( going two goals further than Germany’s win against Brazil in the World Cup).

So even though we din’t win Varsity 2014, we…

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MORNING!! (Does it feel like I’m screaming at you through your screen?)

Morning! (More like afternoon I guess)

Have a bad hangover from last night? Unlike you, I don’t get hungover.. ever! no mater how drunk I get the night before ( and trust me I did drink a lot!). For those of you unlucky enough to feel the effects of your drinking the following day, forget about what you know, I assure you the best hangover cure is a nice big scoop of Ben & Jerry’s Ice-cream,…

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September 26, 2014 at 12:42PM

Ivory and Pearl gripped pistols. Heavily engraved. Luger, Mauser, Colt

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Peter Dinklage for GQ.